By: Kebba AF Touray

The Deputy Commissioner General and Head of Domestic Tax at the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) Essa Jallow, has underscored the significance of tax and other relevant laws of the country and called on the citizenry to respect them.

Jallow made these and other comments during the official opening of a recent tax seminar, organized by GRA for students of tertiary institutions held at the MDI. The seminar was aimed to bring various students of tertiary institutions together, and sensitize on Revenue laws that the GRA administers under their preview.

According to Jallow, the purpose of the seminar was to talk to participants about the revenue laws that GRA administers, that are instrumental in ensuring that every citizen deserves to respect them.

“Respecting these obligations means, citizens are contributing to national development. As a result they will be provided the amenities that they need,’’ he said.

Jallow assured that GRA staff will continue to engage participants on all the tax that GRA administers, while expecting taxpayers to be compliant in tax payments; that they will be provided with all the necessary information needed for them to comply with the revenue laws of the country and by extension be law abiding; that every law is important whether it is tax or otherwise.

“The seminar was part of GRA’s tax indication and sensitization program to reach out to targeted groups, including tertiary Institutions like the MDI. Therefore, organizing this seminar is by no means a coincidence, but a part of our service delivery which we consider to be essential, in fulfilling our mandate to citizens and residents of this country,’’ Jallow stated.

For her part, the Governor of the Upper River Region Fatou Touray Jammeh said without tax, there will be no development; that people need to know that tax has been in existence since the colonial era. She affirmed that the tax collected, is meant to be ploughed back to the grass roots in the form of development programs and projects, geared towards empowering local communities.

She urged people to respect the revenue laws and ensure the fulfilment of their tax obligations, for national development.

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