Tuesday, July 23, 2019

GPU Concludes Training of Journalists on election coverage


By Nelson Manneh

The Gambia Press Union (GPU) in partnership with ARTICLE 19 concluded a three day training programme on Elections Coverage and Security in Election Process at Tango.

The three day training programme commenced on Tuesday the 28th and ended on Thursday 30th March 2017.  The main aim of the training according to stakeholders is to equip journalists with the knowledge required in covering election processes from the nomination process to the actual day of voting, some of the challenges journalists faced during these periods and a brief knowledge of some of the laws governing election processes.

Participants were equipped with the basic knowledge that is required during election processes and the possible challenges that they may face, ranging from physical  challenges to Digital security challenges.

Mr. Hamadi Tidiane SY the founder and CEO and EJICOM, who served as the trainer said, it is good that journalists are equip with the necessary information regarding elections and its processes. According to Mr. Sy there are many challenges journalists face during elections and at some point in time they need instant possible solutions. “Journalist may face threats like political tension, abuse, loss of equipment, assault, turning on the GPS device locations whiles on a political event, using collective password” etc. According to Mr. Sy all these are threats that should be taken into consideration when covering a political rally. The trainer also said as a journalist it is good to work according to media code of ethics in order to be on the safer side. The code of ethics includes acting independently, to be accountable and transparent, seeking for truth and reporting it etc.

Hon Demba Ali Jawo the Minister of communication and information for his part said, as with the new government they are trying to be media friendly. “We know the importance of the media as they help to make sure that information flows in a correct channel. We also acknowledge the importance of the journalists especially during election processes”. The communication and information minister

said, security for the media and the journalists is of great importance.

Fatou Janneh Mbye a participant from GRTS in her vote of thanks said the training comes at the right time especially with the coming parliamentary elections. She said the participants were well equipped with the necessary knowledge that they need in order to give out good reports. “With the knowledge we have gathered here I am sure it will take us a long ware”. She noted. Madam Janneh on behalf of the participants thanks the trainee, GPU and the donors for their time and support.

Other speakers include MME Jeanne Irene and Saikou Jammeh the secretary general Gambia Press Union. Certificates were awarded to all participants.

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