By Nelson Manneh
The Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) on 28th April, 2015 reappeared before
the Public Accounts and Public Enterprises (PAC/PEC) of the National
Assembly to answer to queries on their annual report and financial
statement which they presented on the day before.Hon. Lamin K. Jammeh raised concern on the fuel issue. “During our
review of controls around fuel resources, we noted that there were no
adequate segregation of duties at the fuel dump for the dispensing of
fuel to departments and staff. We noted that keys to the fuel tank,
the generator room and the pump were all in the custody of one
individual staff. We also noted that from our interviews with
management that fuel is one of the main concern areas it has over the
potential risk of fraud affecting the Authority,” he said.
Hon. Jammeh noted that the implication of concentrating all the control processes in the hands of one individual staff increases the
risk of fraud that could go undetected by management. He said errors
could also be difficult to prevent and detect on a timely basis if
several individuals are not involved in the process.
According to the management in their response, currently there are
other important stakeholders such as Equipment Management Unit [EMU]
and security all taking their independent records as a way of ensuring
effective control. They indicated that keys are handled by the fuel
dump store keeper who is the senior person responsible. This control,
according to management, has been effective and thus needs to be
maintained. They added that segregating the handling of keys may
result to ineffective controls at some point in the operation.
Hon Jammeh said GPA should be mindful of how to use and manage the fuel.
Mr Ousman M. Jobarteh, the Deputy Managing Director, responding to the
queries, said the fuel issue has been noted on the auditor’s
observation but the problem is that they cannot split the keys since
that can bring some misunderstanding between individuals when it comes
to rendering account.
Hon. Abdoulie Saine drew attention to the funds used on Entertainment
and Donation amounting to 1,686,000 (One Million Six Hundred and
Eighty Six thousand Dalasi) and 36,294,000 (Thirty Six Million Two
Hundred and Ninety Four Thousand Dalasi) respectively. He said the amounts
are colossal and need to be reduced.
In his response, Mr. Tamsir Sallah, the GPA Finance Director, said
part of the donated funds was used in the roofing of the July 22nd
Pavilion in Banjul.
Hon. Fatou Mbye thanked the representatives of the GPA and asked them
to continue with the “good momentum” in order to be at the top level
in the next face to face.




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