Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Governors asked to be neutral


Regional governors have been asked to remain neutral and impartial and not to involve in partisan politics. This was contained in a press release issued on behalf of the Government by the Ministry of lnformation and Communication.

In the release, the government requested “all Governors to administer to the dictates of the Civil Service, which embodies neutrality and impartiality in executing their functions. Thus, we expect all Governors to be apolitical and not to get involved in partisan politics at every level.”

The release concludes: “The Government in its efforts to uphold democratic principles and good governance, urges all regional governors to strictly adhere to this request.”

In the past governors were the leading campaigners of the ruling party in their regions, coordinating the campaign activities of that party with the collaboration of the chiefs and alkalolu.

Lamin Dibba, Regional Government Minister, will he free the masses from the political clutches of the governors?

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