The month of Ramadan witnessed preaching from diverse sources on the importance of being merciful and compassionate.

The courts are designed to be protectors of the rights of the citizens.

There are countless number of people who have been detained or have disappeared for weeks, months and years. Some are imams who have not been heard to be making any sermons which could lead them to be classified as extremists of any sort. The high court has even ordered for conditional or unconditional release of Imam Ousman Sawaneh of Kanifing South mosque for having been detained beyond 72 hours without any charge.

We have quoted Section 31 of the Prison Rules which is categorically stated that those in charge of prison should not imprison anyone without a warrant from proper authority. Hence one would have expected that law and faith would bind the decisions of state authorities so that they would intervene to ensure the release and protection of those whose rights are being violated with impunity.

Public opinion favours the discharge and release of all those connected with the April 14 and 16 incidents and all those who have been detained without trial.

Will the authorities respond to the demands of good governance, reason and justice? The future will tell.


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