By Mustapha Jallow

17-year-old Kaddijatou Bojang, has been suffering from cardiomyopathy her entire life and the father, Mr. Essa Bojang, is pleading with the general public for financial assistance to facilitate her urgent medical treatment overseas, to repair her heart.

Mr. Essa Bojang, made this urgent appeal when he came to Foroyaa offices on Monday, 11th December 2017. He said his daughter’s condition has worsened and she currently suffers from severe pain in her joints, caused by her illness.

According to her medical report from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Kaddijatou presented to the hospital as a patient with a month’s history of progressive dyspnea initially on exertion and later at rest, associated with progressive bilateral pedal oedema, abdominal distention, orthopnea, facial swelling and cough, producing whitish sputum.

The report continued that she was in mild respiratory distress, icteric, facial puffiness and bilateral pedal oedema; that she also has tachycardia that was regular and weak, with distended neck veins and an apex beat that is displaced to 71CS AAL with no murmur appreciated,’’ the report said.

The report continued: ‘‘She had basal ‘cerpitaions’ and tender ‘hepatomegally’ with small ‘ascitis’. Normal biventricular function (EF: 69%) but had bounced septum with dilated IVC and respiratory changes in MV inflow suggestive of constrictive pericarditis. It showed enlarged left lobe, renal and liver function test are normal, Hepatitis B. negative suggesting a postpartum cardiomyopathy with constrictive pericarditis.’’

Kaddijatou who was a grade six student at St. Peters Lower Basic School, dropped out because of her illness.

Mr. Bojang, said Kaddijatou was recently diagnosed and it is actually known now what is wrong with her; that she has been admitted so many times but no improvement has been registered on her because it was discovered that her illness cannot be cured in The Gambia.

Anyone who wants to rescue the live of kaddijatou, can assist by calling the following numbers:

9953339, 7896837, 3839463, 7403219 or email:

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