Sunday, July 21, 2019

GFF Clarifies Chorro Mbenga’s Remarks


GFF Statement-It has come to the attention of The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) that the Head Coach of Red Scorpions, Mrs. Chorro Mbenga, gave an interview to reporters in a post-match interview following her side’s 2-1 defeat of Interior in the Women’s FF Cup finals on Saturday.

In the interview, which was broadcast on QTV News on Monday night and also relayed on Star FM Radio’s sports programme on Tuesday morning, Mrs. Mbenga suggested that The Gambia Football Federation and it’s Organising Committee are bias when it comes to selecting players for the National Women’s Teams, further implying that most of the players who are selected and sometimes even in the starting 11 are not deserving of their positions in the team.

However, the GFF wishes to clarify, in no uncertain terms, that the Federation and it’s Organising Committee have never selected players for any categories of our National Teams for both men and women. The Executive Committee of the GFF have appointed coaches, supported by knowledgeable backroom staff in for all our various National Teams and they are the ones solely responsible for selecting players to represent to the country. We have never attempted to or influenced which players are selected, thus her allegations against the GFF and the Organizing Committee are baseless and unfounded.

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