Fatoumatta K Jallow reporting from Niamina Dankunku 

Following the announcement of the National Assembly Election results on Friday, a political fracas and scuffles broke out between a GDC supporter and NRP supporters in the village of Niamina Dankunku. A GDC supporter claimed he was assaulted by NRP supporters on Monday, 10 April 2017.

The GDC supporter, Pa Camara told Foroyaa on Tuesday, 11 April 2017, that when it comes to politics, everybody cannot be in the same party , “I chose to be in GDC and nobody can stop me,” he insists.

According to him, being a member of the GDC in Dankunku Village has made him to be an enemy of the people.

He explains that upon the defeat of the NRP, the GDC held a party and invited all its supporters to celebrate with him. He added that while they were going home after the celebration, they met some NRP supporters waiting to attack them but being an elder; He noted, “I stopped them and escorted the rest of the supporters”. Upon his arrival at home, he said he heard people insulting him and throwing stones in his compound but he ignored them..

He said on the following day the insults intensified and there was stone throwing.

He said he decided to report the matter to the police and the chief to prevent it getting out of hand.

Alkalo Yahya Mboge said he was not aware of the incident because he was not consulted.

Sarjo Sanyang, an NRP Supporter said she was going out to visit a neighbor when she heard Pa Camara insulting her husband. She said this led to a fracas and a scuffle,

Both Pa Camara and Sarjo Sanyang and her family were taken to the police station at Jarreng. They were later released on bail

She is to report at Dankunku Police station on Thursday.

Alhagie Jallow candidate for GDC  condemned this kind of situation pointing out that NRP Supporters have no right to assault a GDC Supporter because everyone has the right to support any party of his/her choice.

There is still tension between the communities and there is no attempt by community leaders to reconcile the two sides.


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