Saturday, August 17, 2019

GDC is here to Stay Even after the Demise of the Founding Fathers Says the GDC PRO


By Rohey Jadama

Muhammed M5 Jallow, the Public Relation Officer of the Gambia Moral Congress Party (GDC) has said that his party is not death and is here to stay even after the demise of the GDC’s founding founders, contrary to rumours that the GDC is a death party now.

The GDC PRO was speaking to Foroyaa yesterday at the medium’s office in Churchill’s Town.

According him, people are going round spreading information that the GDC as a political party has come to an end. He inform Gambians that his party is here to stay under the leadership of Honorable Mama Kandeh and they will continue all their political arenas.

“I want your medium to make it very clear that the GDC is here to continue, there will be no end to it even after our demise of the founding fathers,” he said.

Mr. Jallow revealed that they are going to contest the upcoming parliamentary election to the largest percentage and that they intend to tour the whole country. He further said they are hoping to have more seats in parliament.

He added that the GDC has declared in its recent press conference that it is here for peace, it is yearning for peace and peaceful coexistence of the country. This, he continues, is the reason why their leader declared to Gambians and the whole world that the current situation needs dialogue.

He said they played a pivotal role and urged all political leaders to come together in solving this political impasse in the most amicable manner without any foreign intervention.

“I wish to reiterate that Gambians must not lose this part of being Gambians, of being human. No unjustifiable reason should become an impediment to our togetherness. Every Gambian should stand shoulder to shoulder irrespective of their political party and tribal differences should be concern about peace which should be given outmost consideration right now. So that the Gambia continues to be peaceful”, said the GDC’s PRO.

On the issue of foreign intervention, Jallow said as an experienced person under the umbrella body of the security and having served the UN mission, he has seen the destructive and catastrophic conflict has caused especially during the intervention of foreign forces. So, he went on, “we are yearning for political leaders to listen to the Gambian people”.

He said one of the principles of United Nation is during conflict to allow different political parties to sit within themselves where they can build an atmosphere of understanding within themselves by which a peaceful resolution can be attained.

“So as an experienced somebody I don’t want any foreign intervention because Gambians can do it themselves. We must come back to terms in other to make sure we have a dialogue on this issue in other to bring peace”, he said.

According to the GDC’s PRO,   Honorable Mama Kandeh, President Yaya Jammeh and President Elect, His Excellence Adama Barrow, must not fail to consult one another, they must not fail to see one another as brothers who are all yearning for the same nation. Let them understand that each of them know that they are representing Gambia and what all Gambians want is a peaceful resolution for this conflict without foreign intervention.






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