Sunday, July 21, 2019

Gambien Vows To Beat Hoyontan In Seconds


By Yankuba Jallow

Gambien, a renowned figure in the Senegalese arena, has vowed to rid himself of Hoyantan in seconds. In a premier pre-fight face off,  Gambien talked tough ahead of this weekend’s must-watch duel promising to jettison off and hand  Hoyantan his first taste of defeat in the Gambian wrestling circle. ” I will put you down in Seconds. Our fight won’t last long. I have competed and wrestled down the toughest in Senegal – a thing you haven’t even come close to achieving, ” Gambien , a one-time member of Mohammed Ndao Tyson’s popular Bull Fallen wrestling club, boasts. Blasting back, Hoyantan ventured to jibe : “yeah you,ve  competed in Senegal but I too have also been in a lot of Senegalese wrestling clubs especially Dakar which you have no clue about. If you don’t attack, I will come for you and if you choose to stay back, I will still come for you.”   Gambien, being the more experienced, is tipped to triumph and come out of the melee perhaps unscathed but how he gets to do that  against  a man yet to succumb to a loss in five duels, will be the puzzle fans will long to have sorted.  The duo could have met last year but power failure -occurring just minutes before they battled – sabotaged the event consequently rendering hordes of supporters livid. Hoyantan was left bruised with a nasty cut around the eyelid in his hard fought win over Yaya Jammeh of the Police Force Wrestling Club in a rematch fight months ago. Hoyantan’s lack of mastery of the art of boxing was exposed to the core in that episode, though he would later win but pundits predict a occurrence of the lapse  on Hoyantan especially with a more matured Gambien now his latest opponent.  The Club Ndongo Ceesay top dog, Foroyaa Sport understands, will be receiving a figure in excess of D100K – the biggest sum to be received  by a Gambian wrestler since resurrection of the aged-old traditional sport in the country.

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