Sunday, September 22, 2019

Gambians Should Treasure The Powers They Gained After The December 1 Elections


Today 22 January 2018 marks one year since the ousted president left the shores of The Gambia. The 21 January 2017 was the decisive day. President Barrow was still in Dakar. The ousted president was still in the state house. There were no ECOMIG forces controlling the airport of Banjul. Security was still in the hands of the Gambian Security forces. Supporters of the Coalition and those of the ousted president walked freely whilst the ousted president escorted by security forces headed to the airport controlled by Gambian security forces, to get in a plane and flew outside of the Gambia to a destination only he and his associates knew at the time.

Never in the history of the country has it been so gripped by uncertainty. Despite this uncertainty tolerance of diversity remained in both the armed forces and civil society. The Coalition had support within the security forces and civilians. The same goes to the ousted president. However, they suppressed their emotions subjected themselves to the rule of law. Thus allowing peace to prevail despite the diversity of opinions. That is how democracy must work. The current government should know that like the previous government, supporters and opponents must exist among the security forces and civilians. Hence the best instrument for maintaining peace is to promote diversity and maintain social justice.

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