By Sulayman Bah

Jabang-based Gambian wrestler Boy-Balla has voiced delight over his weekend win in Senegal.

Boy-Balla, one of the country’s fastest rising arena stars, was pitted with Sa Thies II in a wrestling event last Saturday and came out of the tie with the bragging rights.

Boy sustained some knocks but managed to wriggle out of the contest and his patience paid off, a thing of which leaves him delighted.

Pic: The Gambian fans who traveled to cheer the wrestler here pictured displaying

‘The Gambians fans that traveled out to here in Senegal have been supportive and I can’t thank them enough,’ he said in his post-match comment.

Responding on his game tactic, he said: ‘I left him (Sa Thies II) to do the punching. I was acting on my coach’s instructions and it worked out which I’m delighted for. I am willing to take on any other Senegalese wrestler.’

Last Saturday was the third time Boy-Balla is squaring against a Senegalese wrestler winning twice and losing only once in three of those duels.

He last fought Ousmane Diop, a man who once tussled Balla Gaye II former King of Senegalese Arena and lost at the Serrekunda East mini-stadium.

Boy-Balla was being supported by Banjul Saku Ham Ham’s juggernaut ‘France’ in Dakar.

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