Thursday, July 18, 2019

Gambian track ace revels in France race


Adama Jammeh France, Foroyaa Sport can report. Jammeh also from the Gambia Prison Services finished second best at the International d’Athletisme de l’Artois race in Paris.Adama arrived in France last week along with countryman Omar Jammeh. The duo’s trip to the French capital is facilitated to ensure fine tuning of their preparations ahead of the Rio Olympics, in which Gambia is expected to partake. The two, according to a source, are currently undergoing training at the Creps de Reims, a training centre in Paris where they have standard facilitates to their disposal to shape up before the big event. Adama and Omar were Senegalese athletics club Jaraaf’s recruits prior to their departure with the former the most experienced in the big stage having vied for the stakes in the Islamic Games  ]]>

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