Photo: Boy Balla left and France right

By Sulayman Bah

Gambian wrestlers Boy Balla and ‘France’ have talked tough ahead of their combat billed for November 25th at the Independence Stadium

In a latest face-to-face over the weekend at the West Field Monument, the pair vowed to tear each other limb to limb in the second to last combat to end of the year.

‘I have been anticipating facing you for long but, for some reasons, you keep running. Well, finally we’re to face off and there is no turning back. I will wrestle you come the day,’ Boy Ball said.

Firing back, France said he remains unfazed.

‘I am not those wrestlers you have defeated, I will show you the stuff I’m made of,’ he bluffed.

Staged by Nasirou Promotions, start of the event was marred by bit of a commotion as fans of both wrestlers threatened to fight but security quelled down trouble.

Boy Ball remains undefeated beginning last year and walloped three Senegalese wrestlers earning him wrestler of the season award.

The Jabang-based ace goes into the cracking duel on back of a win over Mustapa Gueye II of Club Fass in Senegal while his adversary comes on the heels of a controversial defeat on grounds of warnings against Hoyantan.

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