Monday, February 17, 2020



By Fatoumatta K Jallow & Aja Musu Bah Daffeh

On Wednesday 14 December 2016, executive committee of the above named trade union which is the umbrella trade union movement consisting of 17 registered trade unions makes this statement to urge outgoing president to reconsider his decision and handover power peacefully to ADAMA BARROW in the interest of the Gambian people and accept the will of GOD and respect the will of the people.

Gambia national trade union congress said according to the section 125 after 18 months of the coming into force of the 1997 constitution which shall consist of the chief justice and not less than four justice of the supreme court such judge of the court of appeal as the chief justice may by writing under his or her hand select to sit in the supreme court for determination of the particular course or matter and section 138 of the constitution of the Gambia states that chief justice shall be appointed by the president and all other judges of the supreme court except other judges of the special criminal court shall be appointed by the president under the recommendation of the judicial service commission by a warrant, signed by the president and seal with the public seal and before assuming the functions of his or her office, a judge of the superior courts shall take the prescribed oaths. Since the panel of judges was dismissed in 2015 to date followed with series of petitions through the chief justices by the bar to put in place the panel of judges without any action been done up to date.

Therefore, no one can judge him or herself and as at now is too late to put in place the operational mechanism of the Supreme Court or else if done the Gambian people will contemplate or assume that is done due to your own personal interest and convenience and no one could judge himself. Thus, section 6 and 49 of the Constitution has dismissed your claim. We recognized all the efforts you rendered in developing our dear beloved mother land Gambia president SHEIK PRO. ALHAGIE YAYA AJJ JAMMEH BABLI MANSA to hand over power to the incoming president Adama Barrow peacefully in the interest of the Gambian people as no condition is permanent and leave a legacy.


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