Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gambia Football Federation’s Agreed Objectives with FIFA


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After an analysis of the following situation in the Gambia, the GFF with the full assistance of FIFA has determined the following specific priorities and objectives for football development in its territory:

( a ) To improve the technical and administrative capacity of the GFF in line with the National Football Development Plan by benefiting from the FIFA Capacity Building Program to increase the number of trained Football Coaches, Administrators, Referees and Medics.

( b ) To improve the football infrastructure in the country with a view to uplifting the standard Football throughout the country as stipulated in GFF Strategic Development Plan by rehabilitating existing grounds and constructing new grounds.

( c ) To introduce Women’s football in the four regions of the country and improve the standard of Women’s football throughout the country by assisting the Women’s Football Association and the Regional Football Associations organize Women’s football and raise the profile of women’s football throughout the country

( d ) To professionalize clubs and leagues in the country by assisting club to better organize, be structured and financially independent. To improve the management and organization of the Regional and National League Competitions.

( e ) To improve the financial base of the GFF to make it less dependent on Government and FIFA by implementing income generating project that shall accrue revenue to the GFF annually

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