By Fatoumatta K Jallow 

The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) on Tuesday 24th October 2017, embarked on a cleansing exercise at the Christian Cemetery in Banjul. The aim of this goodwill gesture is to show a strong sense of solidarity between members of GAF and the Citizenry, in whose interest they served.

Major Lamin K Sanyang for the Chief of Defence Staff GAF, said the Christian council needed their services and that is the reason why they came in their numbers to help.

He said they see this kind of initiative as a civic duty which is part of their mandate as stated in the 1997 constitution, for GAF to respond to the request and needs of civil authorities of all denominations within the country or any other community.

He added that this is not the first time; that they did this type of cleaning exercise recently by cleaning the Jeshwang Cemetery used by Muslims.

“We members of GAF, are here to help society not only to carry guns but also answer to all calls where we can, and where the need arises ,”Major Sanyang said.

Major Sanyang said the cleansing exercise is not only for the Greater Banjul area but the entire country because GAF has battalions up to Basse and most importantly GAF should be seen as the People’s Armed Forces.

He urged people to talk to GAF Commanding Officers anywhere in the country on anything that they need the GAF to assist them with because they are here for them.

Lizzie Eunson Mayoral Candidate for April 2018 for Banjul said she was just driving by and saw GAF busy with the cleaning exercise and decided to stop and help.

“Because I believe in diversity and inclusion. As women if we say we are equal with men, we have to show it all the way. I am glad that the Armed forces are doing well,’’ she expressed.

Charles Edu Loum, a volunteer at the Banjul Cemetery said the goodwill gesture of GAF was great and they are extremely grateful at a time when the Christian community will be remembering their dead and will come to visit and pray for them. 

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