Wednesday, July 17, 2019

GAF Authorities Urged To Pay Officers’ Benefits


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By Mustapha Jallow

Mr. Kebba Gibba, a former military intelligence officer and one time head of the airport security unit, on Tuesday called on the authorities of the Gambia Armed Forces to settle the payment of benefits due to senior officers of the Armed Forces who were recently discharged by the state in consultation with the military high command.

The ex-soldier lamented that most of them who were in control against threats of aggression against the new government have been dismissed.

‘‘Most of my colleagues are cannot get a job because their profession is military duty. I’m lucky to get support from loved ones.’’ he stressed. He complained of the non-payment of their benefits and urged GAF authorities to look into their case.

‘‘It’s not fair. Our dismissal from the Army undermines us and our profession in the eyes of the general public, destroying our morale as well. We did not do anything wrong to this new government’’, he said.

Gibba alleged that he was accused by his counterpart that he has fled the country; that he has been put under surveillance. ‘‘Why would I run?’’ He asked. I didn’t do anything that would warrant me to flee my country. As I speak to you, since the day of my removal from the army to date, I do not know the reason behind my dismissal.’’

It could be recalled that the country’s military chief Lt. Gen. Masanneh Kinteh issued a discharge letter to 7 senior members of the Gambia Armed Forces effective 6th October.

Foroyaa saw a copy of the letters signed by the CDS and it read:

“By the powers vested upon the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces under Section 12(c) of the Gambia Armed Forces Act which power had been delegated to me, I, Lieutenant General Masanneh Nyuku Kinteh, Chief of Defence Staff, hereby discharge you from the Gambia Armed Forces with immediate effect from today, 6th October 2017. In view of the aforementioned, you are required to hand over all military items and government supplies to the Gambia Armed Forces Ordnance immediately. Please be further informed that all benefits due to you shall be paid in full after setting all your liabilities with the Gambia Armed Forces.”

A Source revealed that Major Gibba was one time posted at the Guards Battalion in Fajara Barracks, where he served in the commanding company for 2 years, before he was redeployed to lead the military intelligence unit.

Major Gibba had served in various capacities in GAF, a Military source can confirm.

At the time of going to press, the GAF spokesperson Major Lamin K. Sanyang was contacted to shed light on the issue. He said the concerns raised by the former officers would be dealt with soon.

‘‘It has been raised with Finance. Let them be patient with us as the Finance Office is currently working on it so that they can be settled as soon as possible,’’ he said.

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