By Mustapha Jallow

Four senior soldiers who were arrested by the Military Police and later handed over to the police on 24 February around 6pm and who held them briefly have been returned to the Military where they are said to be currently in detention.

Spokesperson of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF), Lieutenant Kemo Kanuteh, yesterday confirmed the detention of four soldiers. Asked if they were charged, he said not yet but quickly added that investigations are still going on and charges may be preferred against them after they are done with the investigations.

However, their names cannot be disclosed for ‘security reasons’ and as at now, reasons for the arrest of these soldiers are yet to be disclosed. He indicated that the military has power under the Armed Forces Act for longer periods.

The soldiers have been detained for more than 72 hours contrary to the stipulations of the Constitution which spells out that a detainee shall either be released or brought before a court within 72 hours.

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