GDC Candidate Njie

By Nelson Manneh 

The Independent Electoral Commission’s Regional Office in the city of Banjul, Monday 23rd April 2018, received the nomination papers of five (5) aspiring candidates for the Mayoral seat of the City of Banjul.

The candidates whose nominations were accepted by the Returning Officer at the IEC’s Regional Office, were all accompanied by a multitude of their supporters.

Abdoulie Saine of the APRC

Alagie Jah, the Independent aspirant said he spent all his life in Banjul and that he is aware of the ongoing challenges the city faces; that if voted into Office, he will put an end to these challenges.

“Banjul is one. We are one people and free from all forms of crime. If elected, I am sure I will be able to improve the living conditions of the city and bring it back to its glorious days,” he said.

Jah said he is contesting as an Independent because he does not want to be under the whims or caprice of any Political party; that this can lead one to forget the interest of the people who vote you in.

Independent Candidate

Abdoulie Saine who is contesting for the APRC, said looking at the Local Government Elections, APRC has not lost support from the people and is confident of victory; that they were the ruling party and the development they brought to the country is visible for everyone to see.

Abdoulie Bah Submitting His Nomination Papers

Pa Musa Njie, also an aspirant contesting for the GDC said the city of Banjul has been misrepresented for years. 

“What I mean by misrepresentation is because the former Mayors of Banjul were not residing in Banjul. That is why only the Banjulians can solve their own problems,” he said.

Njie added that they are hopeful of victory come 13th of May 2018.

He said their party leader has supported Banjul in terms of development and other issues.

Paul Pap Bass JR another Independent aspirant for the Mayoral seat of Banjul, said the position needs someone who is ready to work for the people of the City.

“I stand under the ticket of an independent candidate because I do not want to be dictated by any party’s agenda, if elected.  I stand to make sure that Banjul is developed as expected, “he said; that he is there for the people of Banjul and to make sure they reap what they show.

GDC Candidate Njie

Abdoulie Bah, the incumbent candidate who aspires for re-election as an Independent Candidate, said he has some projects that he needs to complete for the City.

“I am the Mayor of Banjul for the past years. I have been working with the people of Banjul and I know their problems. I am ready to continue my support to them,” he said.

The incumbent candidate said he is contesting as an Independent candidate because he believes in development whether as a member of a political party or not.

Mr. Bah said he is out to contest in the interest of the people and not for one single person or party. 

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