It is alleged that all Newpapers except Observer have been issued with a Press Release indicating that Matida Daffeh is the new party leader of the UDP. Foroyaa has not received such information.

Foroyaa has reliably gathered that the information is not correct.

This is an election year and there is a tendency for rumours to spread with greater intensity. One cannot gain any advantage in taking media establishment to court for libel, defamation and false publication. This would give legitimacy to the position of the ruling party.

The way to fight words is to use words. We must publish the truth to blot out what is false and libelous.

Hence, the comments about Matida Daffeh are incorrect. Gambians should now be very cautious to check the reliability of the information they receive before spreading them. A lot of disinformation is taking place which needs to be challenged.

Who knows why Matida’s name is put in the public space. Why have they targeted Sait Mati  Jow? Who is behind the hoax?

Some people also use the opposition as a whole as their party and do go around to campaign for a United opposition but would not tell you who the opposition should select and how. The agendas are many and the confusion would be immense.

However, if the people are mature and fair-minded, no one would be able to mislead them.


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