By Mustapha Jallow

Detained Staff Sergeant Abdoulie Jammeh, nephew of former President Jammeh, has been released from custody and asked to leave the Army without any written letter, Foroyaa can confirm.

According to a military source, he was freed on the 13th day of October 2017, around 11am. The source added that Ssgt. Jammeh who had spent 28 days in detention without seeing a judge has been freed and dismissed from the army without any ‘letter of dismissal’ issued to him by the military.

‘‘While in custody of the military police at Fajara Barracks on Friday 6th October, a group of soldiers came and picked up Ssgt. Jammeh from his cell and led him into a waiting military vehicle and transported him to Farafenni, where he was held for 7 days after which he was released and dismissed from the army without any dismissal letter,’’ the source said. Sources reveal: ‘‘All his military belongings such as uniform, Combat boots and army identity card, were taken away from him and handed over to a senior military police officer at Fajara Barracks.’’ Sources further informed that Abdoulie Jammeh, was shocked and traumatized when he learnt of his dismissal.

‘‘This is unfair treatment of a soldier, who has served 13 years in the army. The authorities should consider that Ssgt. Jammeh is a family man. He has not received any salary or benefits since October and is at home wondering how to feed his young family,’’ the source said.

When contacted to shed light on the matter, GAF spokesperson Major Lamin K. Sanyang said he is not aware of this development, but was quick to add that if any discharge or dismissal happens, it has to take place at the defence headquarters and not the Barracks. ‘‘This is very strange, as I said I am not aware. But I will make more findings and get back to you,’’ he promised this reporter.

It could be recalled that Sstg. Jammeh’s arrest came at a time when he reported to work at Farafenni Camp on 16th day of September 2017, at 10am. He was detained briefly and later taken to the Guards Battalion in Fajara Barracks on the following day, 17th September 2017, where he arrived at about 7pm.

His subsequent detention coincides with his wife’s delivery of a baby boy. Ssgt. Jammeh was residing in one of the AU villas with his family, but he received an eviction letter ordering him to vacate the apartment with immediate effect.

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