Tuesday, July 16, 2019



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By Mustapha Jallow

A former Adjutant of the Gambia National Guard (GNG) Lieutenant Yaya Jammeh and also an ex- Aide de Camp (ADC) Captain Beray Jammeh who were detained at Guards Battalion in Fajara Barracks have been moved to other detention centres in July, 2017, military sources say.

The journey of detention without trial or moving someone from one place of detention to another place has begun, sources say that Lt. Jammeh was led into a waiting military police vehicle that escorted him to Yundum Barracks to continue his detention while Captain Beray Jammeh, a bodyguard and brother to former President Jammeh was also taken to the Navy headquarters in Banjul, where he is presently held.

It could be recalled that Lt. Jammeh and Captain Jammeh were picked up in the midst of Whatsapp allegations.

A military spokesperson, Major Lamin K. Sanyang confirmed the move and added that the two are going under investigation.

‘‘The two are still under detention and we’re working very hard because we know there’s this constitutional requirement that says do not detain them beyond 72 hours. Once we’re done with our investigation and if there are any charges against them, it will be made,’’ he said.

‘‘Sometimes these investigations can be cumbersome, so let them be patient with us,’’ GAF PRO said.

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