By Nelson Manneh

Sun 4 net Electricity Company has said their investment in The Gambia can generate 100 MW of electricity shortage in the country and enable NAWEC to make profit.

The company, operating in the United Kingdom, made these remarks at a press conference on Monday the 21st August 2017. The Sun 4 Net Company has branches in Africa called Sun 4 Net Africa Limited.

Speaking to journalists at the conference, Mr. Sheik Tijan Ndure who works as an Electric Designer and Innovator said the investors come from the UK and are here to assist in curbing the shortage in Electricity supply, a long time experience for Gambians.

“The company has a branch with a capacity of twenty megawatts and worth about thirty-Million Euros. We are in a joint venture exercise with the intention of delivering a hundred megawatts of electricity to NAWEC and the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum. We are still in talks with stakeholders within the country and in UK, who are funding the venture, to enable us to realize the project. This project will go a long way to solve the current electrical problems the country is faced with,” Mr. Ndure said.

In terms of increasing the national energy needs of the country, Mr. Ndure said it is best by using the environment and the relevant national resources to create energy, thereby creating more employment for the citizenry and taxable income for the development of the country.

“The main aim of this venture will also assist NAWEC in becoming the profitable business company it is supposed to be. If we are able to deliver this hundred megawatts, it will enhance NAWEC’s capacity in production and will pull the national electricity company out of debt within years,” he said.

Sheikh Tijan added the type of module they have to develop this project, is to build and operate the project, and allow the investors to control it; but that after twenty-five years, it will be transferred to the state and it will become state property, fully controlled by government.

“We are going to acquire our own land and all the necessary expenses will be done by investors and we will work hand in hand with NAWEC to make sure we understand their network and enable them to export electricity generated by us, to their network. This is important because we know that NAWEC needs some kind of reinforcement in order to operate up to expectation,” he said.

Energy is the most important sector of all the priority areas of government. Without energy this country will never be able to realize its full potential. Reliable energy will add to the GDP of the country. It will also enable businesses to grow and productivity to be realized within the official working timeframe.

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