Saturday, July 20, 2019

Football Boss Bajo Punches Back at Stakeholders, Denies Accusations


By Yankuba Jallow

Photo: Kabba Bajo the GFF’s President

Gambia Football boss Lamin Kabba Bajo last Friday made it his business to slam back at the torrents of allegations thrown at him by stakeholders.

Bajo’s leadership has over the past months come on the receiving end of incessant derides by a group calling itself as Concern Stakeholders over his handling of the federation.

Amongst allegations batted across his face included squandering of the federation’s funds and self-enrichment at the expense of football’s growth.

The group led by erstwhile GFF’s executive member Lamin Colley, also claim Bajo splashed D600,000 on maintenance of his vehicle over a period of thirty-six months, contrary to the D389,000  mentioned in the Gff’s financial statement as the total sum spent by the federation on the maintenance of vehicles and motor bikes, alleging, Bajo received vehicles from previous president of the country and mobilised his executives to render farming work in Kanilai.

However, Bajo last week afternoon opted to debunk the allegations, thrashing them as a smear campaign and politically motivated being spewed around by his detractors.

‘Despite the efforts of the current executive (of the GFF) who has opened up to bring everybody onboard, there’s a small group of individuals who consider themselves as God-sent to manage football in this country.

‘The allegations include corruption, mismanagement and incompetence by the said individuals, who are fighting to bring the former executive (of the GFF) back into office,’ Bajo said insisting, the federation is debt-free this moment.

On the issue of the Fifa Goal Project, Kabba said, the transactions were done in accordance with FIFA procurement rules.

Elucidating, he said the project funds were approved by the Luzern-based institution and the World football-governing body’s Development Officer for West Africa who has since inspected the project site and reported back to FIFA.

Continuing, Bajo said FIFA signed contracts with contractors and GFF role was to ensure the work is done as planned, saying steps were taken to advertise on local newspapers the need for furniture and equipment for the football hotel.

In a marathon press conference lasting over an hour, Kabba said his administration has initiated training of more coaches, referees and medics across the country with specific attention to provincial regions of the country.

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