Sunday, August 18, 2019



BY Aja Musu Bah Daffeh
The people of Foni Jarrol District in West Coast Region, has stated that they are not in support of President Jammeh’s decision. According to them, there is a misunderstanding in the district and some men are sending false information to the media (Daily Observer) on the current political situation in the country.
They noted that the National Assembly Member (NAM) of the district and the local government councilor who where backed by two men, went to the Daily Observer to antagonized by pretending that they are representing the district in supporting the views of the incumbent, stating that Foni Jarrol district is in support of APRC and will defend the president no matter what happen.
The people of Foni Jarrol district has expressed disappointment in their NAM as according to them, he should play a key role in solving political crises lawfully has now defended injustice, therefore, they want to clarify the doubt in people that those who gave false statements to the media have not even met the Alkalos or council of elders to discuss anything on foni Jarrol giving a voice that they will rally behind the incumbent.
Foni Jarrol strongly condemns the strange move made by these few individuals and equally condemns the incumbent’s reflection of the election result and finally advised the APRC supporters not to engage in petty talks and subscribe to the peaceful transfer of power to the president elect.
The council of elders of Foni Jarrol district and the Alkalos about two weeks ago, in showing their allegiance and loyalty to the incoming president formed a delegation and paid a courtesy call to congratulate him for his victory. They also express their appreciation and good will gesture and wished him a smooth transition on the slated date.
The delegation who spoke on behalf of the district promised the incoming president of their fullest support and allegiance as he is a man of peace, stability and tranquility and believes the steady mind of Gambian people is entrusted to him.

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