Monday, August 19, 2019



The Foni Bintang arrestees have been released on bail with no charges been made against them, according to the newly elected national assembly member for Foni Bintang constituency, Hon Momodou Camara in an interview with this medium on Tuesday.

Those arrested on Friday were: Buba Badgie- Sibanor, Momodou Colley –Sibanor, Sulayman Colley – Manyina, Tida Jammeh – Kamasorr, Alieu Jatta – Sibanor, Baba Jatta- Kusamai, Alfusainey Sanyang- Sibanor, Malang Badgie, Basiru Colley-Kaimo, Basiru Jarju- Kusamai, Malaine Camara-Killy, Sambujang Jarjue-Kusamai, Musa Gibba- Siwol, Amadou Camara-Sibanor, Mamina Jarju- Kusamai, Ensa Jarju- Sibanor, Ebrima BA Jarju-Sibanor, Jalika Nyass- Killy, Omar Jarju-Killy, Dembo Bojang, Lam Colley-Buram, Ansumana Jammeh-Buram and Imam Jammeh- Sibanor.

Those arrested on Sunday were: Ismaila Manyan- Sibanor, Bakary Jammeh-Manyina, Yusupha Sonko- Sibanor and Fatou Kanbuma Jarju- Sibanor.

Hon Camara revealed that the arrestees were asked to tender their national identity cards as evidence and report to the Sibanor police station on Tuesday, but when the arrestees reported, they were asked to report back today (Wednesday).

Hon Camara finally called on the electorate in his constituency to be united stating that no meaningful development can take place in its absence.

The arrest of these APRC supporters together with UDP supporters stemmed from a clash between supporters of both parties on Friday while the APRC supporters were celebrating their victory at the polls at Foni Bintang Constituency.

Meanwhile both the Minister of regional government and the Minister of the Interior convened a ‘peace and stability’ meeting in Sibanor to promote reconciliation and the re-establishment of the fraternal and family ties amongst the people of the Constituency “so that they see themselves as one people with a common destiny and that politics should not be a source of division for the community.” The response of community leaders was positive.

Community leaders at the ‘peace and stability’ meeting


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