The battle against ISIS should be a battle for the construction of an Iraqi Republic which would safeguard the rights and properties of all citizens irrespective of religion, sect, tribe, place of origin, gender  or any other status. It should not be reduced to a battle between Shiites and Sunnis. This is what it is becoming evident in Tikrit Hindsight should teach the international community that the Maliki Government which presided over the hanging of Saddam Hussein did unleash terror on many Sunnis which was exploited by Al Queda and ISIS to incite dissidents to rise up against an oppressive and repressive government. To contain Shiite power and Iranian influence in Iraq, the US turned a blind eye to the growth of ISIS until its excesses outraged the international community. Now, that it is convenient to mobilise all forces against ISIS, the international community should focus on a rule of engagement which would not allow Shiite militias from unleashing terror against Sunni tribes in Iraq. This would lead to a prolonged civil war based on the determination to fight to death rather than surrender. Success should not be based on military defeat of ISIS in the battle field. Success only comes when all Iraqis could call Iraq their homeland –one which could guarantee liberty and prosperity to its citizens. As the war rages, the leaders should be mobilising all those who subscribe to the new Iraq to draft a new constitution, build new institutions  and convey messages of national salvation to inspire hope in a new future.  ]]>

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