Friday, February 21, 2020

Flour factory workers raise concerns



Workers at the Gambia Milling Corp Limited (GMC) that produces flour have raise concerns regarding their working conditions which they said need amelioration.

Talking to this reporter over the weekend, some of the workers claimed that they have been working for almost three years now without being staffed which they said is contrary to what the management told them when they started work. According to them, the management had indicated in the contract document that they would be appointed as members of staff after serving six months’ probation.

“With the present situation, there is no security of tenure as anyone can be removed anytime as has been happening,” claimed one of them, who requested for anonymity.

He further claimed that they only have 80% insurance cover and that their wages are very low and not commensurate with the work they provide.

Another worker claimed that there is only one toilet at the facility which workers share with visitors who come to collect flour from the factory.

The workers said they are appealing to their management to reconsider their situation and improve the terms and conditions of their work.

When this reporter contacted Mr. Abdullah Karan, the GMC Human Resources Manager, on comment on the claims made by the workers, his response is that any matter concerning those who work for them should be addressed internally and not publicly.

Mr. Karan said any of their workers who have any complaints regarding the terms and conditions of their work should channel it through the management and not the press.

“If you want information from us, then tell me who are making these complaints,” he demanded.



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