Friday, July 19, 2019

Flood hits Jambar Sanneh Ward


By Louise Jobe

The Jambar Sanneh Ward in Brikama North Constituency, has been hit by heavy floods from the heavy down pour of Friday, 21 July 2017.

Muhammed Fofana, who is the deputy Imam of Brikama Police Station Mosque said when the rain started, he was at home sitting that as the rain started getting heavy, he asked one of his children to close the gate to his compound to prevent water from entering.

Mr. Fofana said within a short time, the compound fence fell down and the compound got flooded within minutes up to his house where it entered with force and flooded all the rooms.

‘‘My television set, mobile phone, two bags of rice and documents were all flooded and my wheel chair got spoiled as a result of the flood,’’ he said.

The deputy Imam said the sustainable drainage system in their community did not serve its purpose due to the quantity of water. Mr. Fofana lamented that every year they suffer from the same predicament, during summer.

Aunty Mama Camara, the wife of Mr. Fofana said they were confused when the flood waters hit their compound; that they called for people to come to their aid as the flood waters carried with it some snakes.

Aunty camara said they lost twelve (12) chickens and seventeen 17 geese as well as food stuff, phones and other valuables during the flood; that the only animals that survived were goats.

She appeal to the authorities to consider the Jambar Sanneh community of brikama as this is a situation that befalls them every year.

Foday Sisawo a neighbor and also an eye witness, said the drainage that was built to prevent such, is not serving its purpose and urged the local council to look at the drainage and unclog any of its part that might be blocked.

He said the water coming from the forest has no way to connect to the drainage and as a result of this, the flooding happens

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