By Sulayman Bah

Double Tyson’s journey to the Gambian arena has just begun and at a lightening pace.

Also competing in Senegal, Double made his experience count against African Noir of club Armed Forces and perhaps as a sound of warning to the country’s other heavyweights that his Saturday’s exploits was tip of the iceberg.

Coming hot on the heels of a win over Buba Fit in Koalack, Tyson –sibling to Gambian wrestler Action – and a bosom to the former Senegalese King of Arena Mohamed Ndao Tyson, did not hesitate at whistle of the referee.

Double closed down the gap to send two teasing blows –each at an interval – which caught African Noir’s face on both occasions.

Photo: African Noir (pictured left) and Double Tyson about to face-off

Then he made for Noir as the two grappled. Tyson unleashed a successive of jabs and uppercuts before pinning down a retreating African Noir who went falling back first in the sands amid raptures.

It was Double’s first arena fight in the country and it wouldn’t be the last after he said he could still stage yet another combat in Gambia hinging on the promoter.

‘I laud all those who helped me in this fight and I am happy for this victory. I fight in both Senegal and Gambia and it would not be my last here but that will depend on the promoter,’ he said in the aftermath of his fight at the Independence Stadium.

In the undercard duels, Undertaker sought revenge on Balla Gambia while B52 whacked Kojaro on warnings.

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