Friday, July 19, 2019

Fire Victim Seeks Financial Assistance


By: Fatoumatta K Jallow  

Kawsu Ceesay, whose house has been consumed by fire, seek financial assistance to renovate his incinerated house. According to Kawsu, his house has been consumed by fire since last year June 16th, at London Corner, and reported on GRTS; but that up to now, he is yet to receive assistance to renovate his burnt house. Kawsu said he has no immediate family to assist him; that this why he is living in the village now because life has not been easy for him. “I travelled but came back in 1994 and has been without a job. Since this incident, I decided to live in the village. Now I want to renovate and live in my house but I cannot. Kawsu calls on philanthropist, non-governmental organisations and Government, to come his aid.

Kawsu Ceesay can be reached on:+220 7789414

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