Sunday, August 18, 2019

Fire Victim Seeks Financial Assistance



Isatou Corra, a resident of Sanchaba Sulay Jobe, whose house has been consumed by fire, seeks financial assistance to renovate her incinerated house. According to the victim, the incident was caused by the erratic fluctuation of electricity; that the fire consumed all her properties. “I lost all my belongings including a fridge, a laptop, and beds. Even my daughter’s uniform was burnt by the fire and cannot attend School,” she told this reporter. Her son Ansumana Gasama, said he lost his documents and other learning materials, but thanked her neighbours for their immense efforts in assisting to put out the fire, before the arrival of the Fire Service. “I seek assistance to renovate my burnt house,” She said. “I have no immediate family to assist me. I was not available when this incident happened because I traveled. Now I want to renovate and live in my house but I cannot do it, because of lack of finance,” She said. Isatou appealed to all and sundry for assistance. Government, good Samaritans and no-governmental organizations who want to come her aid, can contact the following numbers: 2049972 / 9827662.

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