Sunday, July 21, 2019

Fire Victim Calls for Assistance


BY Kebba AF Touray

The recent fire incident that took place in  Sotuma Serre has left the Touray family in difficulty and as such they are calling on samaritans  to come to their aid and help in taking care of the family’s basic needs. Since the ugly scenario took place earlier this year, members of the family have been struggling to fend for themselves, but as it stands, the victims are going through a difficult situation, which has prompted the wife of the landlord, Mariama Touray, to seek for assistance from the general public to be able to cater for the family.

The aging woman, Mariama Touray, said the inferno burnt down all their belongings in the house to ashes. She explained that their clothes, food stuff and money, which amount she could not recall were burnt to ashes by the fire. She revealed that due to the immensity of the fire, the Fire and Rescue Services was called to help put off the fire.

She called on the government, institutions, individuals, companies and Philanthropists to come to their assistance and help them, especially in terms of feeding the family, which she added is an extended family.

“I am a widow and the burden is too much for me, so I would like to implore on all to help me and my family with clothing, feeding and to help pay my children’s tuition fees, I am a woman and I cannot do it all alone,” she said.

For assistance, Mariama Touray can be reached on (0022) 9944977.

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