By Kebba Secka

Information reaching Foroyaa has it that some Bakers not satisfied with the price of bread pegged at six dalasi and are continuing the sit down strike they started some days ago. This reporter visited some Bakeries within the Greater Banjul to verify the information and in the course of his visit, found out that few bakeries have continued to protest against the price pegged by the Trade Ministry.  A ‘Sen Four’ Bakery in Tabokoto is one of the few Bakeries continuing with the protest against the D6 price for a loaf of bread while others resume production.

Muhammed Jahateh’s Bakery in Tallinding was found to be fully operational and workers were seen busy in making bread. The Manager of the Bakery in an interview, regretted the loss made during the period of their sit down strike, saying it paid no dividend. In his view, the strike has not produced anything for them except a waste of their time. Asked what can be done to avoid a reoccurrence, Jahateh said unless the middlemen (suppliers) are changed for Bakers to supply directly, they will not make ends meet.

According to him, his Bakery has been selling a loaf of bread between D5 and D6 for a long time and can still continue with the same. He advised his colleagues to abide by the price fixed by Government saying with that they will still make profit from sales. ”This is how the market operates. Sometimes condition forces one to accept a price but sometimes, the price is just favourable. We have to understand. This way we can forge ahead,” he said.

At Sulaiman Jallow’s ‘Tapalapa’ Bakery in Fajara and other Bakeries in Kunkujang and environ, ‘Tapalapa’ production is in high gear and breakfast sellers told this reporter that they are satisfied with the quantity of bread they need.

One Ya Amie Ndow said she gets bread in the usual supply before the sit down strike of Bakers; that they face little problems now and business is running smoothly.

Attempts have been made to speak to the president of Modern Bakeries Association which proved futile because he could not be reached. This paper will continue to get his side of the story regarding the production of bread from their end.

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