Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Fence Of Disputed Land Demolished


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By Yankuba Jallow

The fence of a reserved land claimed by the youth of Kololi and Bakoteh and occupied by an Estate Agency owned by an Indian Estate Dealer, has been demolished. Personnel from the Gambia Police Force (PIU), have since been stationed at the site. Over 40 meters of the fence has been demolished and no one has yet been apprehended for doing this.

The land if readers could recall is under dispute between Real Estate Dealers and residents of Kololi and Manjai. The residents claimed that the land is theirs and no one has the authority to sell it because it is kept as a reserved land for the area. The Estate Agency is claiming that they bought the land from the KMC. This prompted the youth to embark on a procession with banners that the land was not for sale during which one of them by the name Baboucar Sey, was arrested and charged.

Foroyaa will speak to the Estate Dealers and the Police today to find out the fact of the matter.

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