By Sulayman Bah

An educationist and renowned sports administrator Father Joseph Gough has died on Tuesday at 73.

Born 1944 in Kikenny, Ireland, Gough was erstwhile principal of St Augustine Senior Secondary School and was in charge of  Gough Foundation in Banjul which erected the 1.4m dollars Sports Complex in Manjai.

Conferred with the National Order of the Republic of the Gambia, Gough arrived in Gambia in 1972 after being appointed to work in Banjul by Michael Maloney.

It was during his tenure that St Augustine School produced a remarkable performance in the WAEC O Level with close to thirty students scoring distinction.

Gough also served in the Gambia Olympic Committee and was one of founders of Young Africans and Roots football clubs of which at the time played in the then GFA league.

The late Joseph Gough also was one of those asked to take care of the country’s national team in 1982. These were one of Gough many achievements and would undoubtedly be remembered for his good work in Gambia.


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