Abdoulai G. Dibba

Alhagi Malick Sallah, a farmer in Sami District has informed this medium that he has been deprived of his source of livelihood without compensation which has made life very difficult for him and his family.

Mr. Sallah asserted that the RST Company that is constructing the Laminkoto Passamas road has transformed the centre of his farmland into a gravel mining site, spreading gravel from the farmland area towards the main road so that trucks can have easy access.

Sallah pointed out that when the Company started using his farmland for mining, he approached the authorities and explained his predicament; but that up to the time of talking to this medium, no compensation has been given to him even though he has been deprived of his source of livelihood.

He called on the authorities to come to his aid in facilitating his “compensation” so that he could at least say “yes I lost my source of livelihood but I was compensated this amount.”

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