By Lamin Fatty

Farmers in Wulli and Sandu lament their worries about the security of their domestic animals (cattle, horses, and sheep).

Alhagie Jambo Camara of Sutukonding, Alhagie Kemo Touray of Kuwonkunding and Fillijeh Susso and Bukary Bah of Kolibantang, spoke to this reporter about how frequent their animals now disappear.

According to Alhagie Jambo Camara, three people in their village loss nine horses and a donkey, alleged to have been stolen; that many more including the horse of Alkalo of Kolibantang, and that of Alanso Jabbi of Fadia Kunda and many others, were alleged to have been stolen.

According to Alhagie Kemo Touray, twenty seven cattle have been allegedly stolen in their village from 2017 to date; that in the month October they took 7 bulls from his herd.

The villagers appealed to Government to do something about this; that the animals are their sole income.

‘‘Government should link with the Senegalese authorities, because all these animals stolen from The Gambia especially from this area, cross the broader to Senegal where they are sold at ‘Lumos’ or weekly markets. But our main problem is that these thieves can be seen roaming around after being captured by Police,’’ Alhagie Kemo told this reporter.

The villagers appealed to Government to look at the bail condition granted to criminals in our societies; that this has created much suspicion among villagers and Law enforcement officers and can create a serious problem between them.


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