Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Farmers In URR Lament Lack of Cash at Seccos


By Kebba AF Touray 

Farmers in the provinces have lamented the lack of adequate cash for their groundnuts at various groundnut buying points (Seccos), and have renewed calls for Government to act with urgency, to address their situation.

Arafang Jabbi, a farmer in Wuli East district village of Sutukoba, told this reporter that farmers in his area complain of lack of money at Seccos or groundnut buying points in their locality, after being given a promising start. He informed this medium that while some farmers decide to sell their nuts on credit, some have decided to keep them until the situation improves at Seccos and when money is available.

“I regretted taking my nuts to the Secco. I anticipated that selling my groundnut will salvage some of my problems, but my anticipation has been dashed,” a Woman farmer in Sare Ngai told this reporter.

A farmer in Kantora district, informed this reporter that at the moment, things are going well with them at the Secco within their locality, but hinted a possible credit buying of their produce, if the cash at hand is exhausted. All the interviewees have called on Government to act urgently in order to solve this problem.

Some Secco Clerks and one private buyer, promised to get back to Foroyaa in order to inform the readers accordingly.

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