Thursday, August 22, 2019

Farmers Complain Of Credit Buying


Abdoulai G.Dibba

Farmers in the Seccos of the Bara, Kerewan and Kaur Depot Circles, continue to complain of credit buying in their Seccos, due to lack of cash.

“There is no cash in our Seccos. Our groundnuts have been weighed but no cash has been given to us,” scores of famers told this reporter.

They pointed out that Government should take their plight seriously because their yearly earnings have never been and cannot be secured by the new Government. They questioned how such an arrangement can get them out of poverty. After hearing their complaints, this reporter visited the Barra and Kerewan Depot Circles to confirm the lack of cash in these Seccos.

According to the Secco Managers, they received cash only once since the start of the season on December 17th 2018; that since then, they have not received any cash, even though they have deposited groundnuts at the depots.

“I was given cash amount equivalent to 40 tons of groundnuts I purchased and deposited at the Depot, with extra tonnage. But I am yet to receive any cash,” said one Secco Manager.

“The farmers are right. There is credit buying because my Secco received cash amount equivalent to 50 tons of groundnuts, at the start of the season, which has been deposited plus extra tons. But I am yet to receive any cash,” stated another Secco manager.

This reporter will visit the GGC to get the view of the Management on the issue.

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