Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Farmers asking for further price reduction of fertiliser


Farmers who spoke to Foroyaa, while welcoming a reduction in the price of fertilizer from 950 dalasis to 700 dalasis, say they were anticipating a much lower price; some are even calling for a free supply of fertilizer to the farming community.

The point the farmers are making is that the season last year was bad and they will have to buy seed nuts; they cannot afford to buy both seed nuts and fertilizer at the same time. The rainy season is just round the corner and time is of the essence.

If the farmers have adequate good seeds and fertilizer and rainfall is good they can expect much better harvest and become less dependent on handouts. If on the other hand inadequate seeds and fertilizer are used because of unaffordability then harvest will be low and poverty and misery will increase.

The farmers are ready to work and are demanding for seeds and fertilizer. Will their demands be met or will they be allowed to slide into further poverty? Our survival depends on building the productive base.

Foroyaa will continue to monitor developments closely.


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