Monday, February 17, 2020

Faraba Discharged Victim Speaks to Foroyaa


By Nelson Manneh      

Pa Sulayman Jammeh one of the seven victims of the Faraba incident, yesterday the 18th of July 2018 spoke to Foroyaa in his residence in Faraba Banta after being discharged from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul.

He was finally discharged on Monday the 16th July 2018 while Abubacarr Darboe, another injured victim, was sent for overseas treatment in Dakar, Senegal.

Pa Jammeh speaking to this reporter said the Authorities visited him in the hospital and gave him Twenty Thousand Dalasis (D20,000) to take care of his medical bills.

Photo: Pa Sulayman Jammeh.jpg

“This money is what have been using up to date to take care of myself and is almost finished now,” he said.

He said he is getting better now as he is not feeling any pain except on the palm of his hand and his thigh, where he was shot.

“One bone on my palm got broken as the bullet passed through my palm to the other side of my hand, the bone was removed and it pains me a bit. As for my thigh although the bone (femur) did not break, the bullet has passed through it to the other side. It is now better but it still pains me. Now I can walk for myself for a short distance,” he said.

This victim said as a farmer who lives from hand to mouth is concerned about who will farm for him this year. He said he has a small cashew farm and the proceeds from it is what he uses to buy rice and then struggle for fish money.

“Now that I cannot do any form of work, how am I expected to survive with my family? I’m not even sure either that the rice can take us for the whole of the rainy season, not to talk of fish money,” he asserted.

He said as at now he is advised not to walk for a long distance therefore he will not be able to even go to the farm to see what the children are doing.

Some family members and loved ones were seen crying as he narrated his ordeal during the visit.

Pa Jammeh often shook his head sighed as he narrated his condition. His courageous wife who sat beside him gave him courage and confidence as she kept saying that ‘this is not the end of the world’

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