By Mustapha Jallow
The family of Jasarja Kujabi, native of Dobong village, in Foni Kansala District, who had disappeared for more than eleven years will mourn his presumed death.

Kaddi Kujabi, the daughter of the late Jasarja said on 19 May 2017, they will conduct prayers in memory of their father. She told this reporter that few days ago, when they visited the police headquarters in Banjul, the police investigators told them that their father is not in any custody and a case file has been opened to search for his grave.

“I never believed my father was murdered but now I do. His entire family members will do the ‘mourning’ in our village where he was arrested (Dobong). This is very hurtful and we’re therefore calling for investigation as to where the brutal regime buried our father so that a proper burial will be done,” she said.

During Jammeh’s time, this medium has been asking the government for Jasarja’s whereabouts but the question was never answered now the police have indicated that he is murdered and they are searching for his grave.

The farmer was arrested by a group of agents of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and led into a numberless Nissan jeep with tinted glasses on Wednesday, 27 July 2005, after his house was ransacked.

Devastated family members earlier narrated their ordeal after the arrest and disappearance of their loved one. They said when they heard the announcement over the national tv that some convicted prisoners would be released, they went to fetch for him but there was no sign of him.

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