Saturday, July 20, 2019

Families Should Not Become Victims And Accused Persons


The war of words between members of the families of victims and accused persons outside the court room where the NIA 9 are being tried, is causing pain to both sides. Families are just in court to show empathy to family members which is part of Gambian culture. In Gambia people do not throw away their families in times of difficulty. They are expected to show solidarity.

Hence what is best is for family members not to take sides to the point of taking the position of the victims or accused persons. They should be sensitive to the fact that trials take place because of the presumption of innocence. Hence all should wait for evidence to be taken by the court and verdict delivered before expressing emotions. What is expected is for the families of accused persons to even repent for the behaviour of accused persons if overwhelming evidence is given on their culpability. This would not happen if one equates them with the accused persons.

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