Thursday, July 18, 2019

Ex-President’s Bodyguard, Commander Detained At Yundum Barracks


By Mustapha Jallow

Brigadier General Umpa Mendy and Brigadier General Ansumana Tamba, who fled with former President Jammeh to Equatorial Guinea, were arrested and detained at the Yundum Barrack since Sunday, 21st January 2018, around the hours of 12 noon, military sources can confirm.

Sources indicate that Gens. Mendy and Tamba with a former waiter to ex-President, Modou Lamin Jarju, both landed at the Banjul International Airport and passed undetected by the Intel and Immigration officers.

GAF spokesperson Major Lamin K. Sanyang told Foroyaa in a telephone interview that the two former serving members of the Gambia Armed Forces are currently under military police detention at the Yundum Barracks following their return from Equatorial Guinea; that Gens. Mendy and Tamba arrived in The Gambia on Sunday 21st January 2018, on board Royal Air Maroc flight from Equatorial Guinea via Morocco; that Mendy was picked from his home in Busumbala whilst Tamba was arrested at his residence in Yarrambaba; that both were escorted to Yundum Barracks for interrogation. As for the waiter of the former president, GAF PRO Sanyang said they are yet to get information on him but investigation about him is ongoing.

Asked whether there will be any charges brought against them, GAF PRO Sanyang responded: ‘‘Right now they are going through questioning as we try to find out the circumstance surrounding their return as they have been away for more than a year now. And how they passed through the airport undetected is an urgent matter for the investigators.’’

GAF PRO Sanyang continued that the Gambia Armed Forces reassures the general public that there is no cause for alarm; that The Gambia is safe and secure and all are therefore urged to go on their normal daily activities.

For the benefit of the readership, Gen. Oumpa Mendy was the long-time Principal Protection Officer to former president Jammeh whilst Gen. Tamba was the Commander of the State Guards Battalion.

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