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Ex-President Jammeh’s last interview with GRTS


By Saikou B. Nyassi

Serrekunda 21 January 2017 – GRTS broadcast its last interview with Ex-president Yahya Jammeh early this morning soon after it aired his last statement.

In the interview, Mr Yahya Jammeh said he was immensely proud in leading the nation as president: “I am truly and sincerely proud to have been able to serve you and our dear noble nation.

“For 22 years I am grateful to the Gambian people. All that I wish for, I pray to the Almighty Allah, for the 22 years Allah has given it to me.

“Now, Allah has decided that this is the end of my term. And as I said before Allah is testing your belief in him.

“Sometimes something is wrong, it is very wrong, but it is your faith sometimes that when something is wrong, you think it is very right when it is wrong, still Allah is testing your faith.

“Allah said in the Quran that when you are happy in this, he makes you happy because whatever Allah gives and you are happy, thank Allah and continue to pray but when you are also inflicted into something that you are not happy with don’t move away from Allah, thank Him because He is testing you.

“They came because today I know who my best friends are, my true friends.

“As I always used to say, how many days he did not sleep [Ibn Chambas] but I want to thank him because from the beginning of this crisis, he stood by the truth, not necessarily the Gambia but he stood by the truth.”


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