By Mustapha Jallow

A notice has been issued by the Solicitor General conveying a directive from the office of the President asking residents of Taf Brufut Garden Estate to vacate the premises. The eviction notice which is said to have been sent since last week Saturday, includes Cuban Doctors resident within the premises.

Mr. Alwali, a Cuban Surgeon who has lived at the AU Villas for nearly 3 years, said he was approached by personnel of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) and men in civilian clothes, asking him to leave the apartment.

“All Cuban doctors who are residing at the Villa were given notice to leave. We were hired as doctors by the former government who gave us apartments to stay to help Gambians. But recently, a letter was given to me that I should leave. I then told them that my contract with government is yet to finish but still they insisted,” he said. He said they are still negotiating with the officers to allow them to stay since their contract terms would soon expire which would warrant them to return to their country. He said some doctors have already managed to leave but others are still unable to relocate. This reporter also spoke to residents who were parking and leaving the premises who claim to be relatives of ex-President Jammeh.

The AU Villas is now said to be under the control of a task force that is set up to take proper inventory of the furniture and equipment in the premises, in order to determine what belongs to the residents and the Government.

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