Friday, July 19, 2019

Eumeu Explains Why Modou Lo and Balla Gaye to Bombardier


By Sulayman Bah

Newly crowned Senegalese wrestling arena king Eumeu Sene has given insight on reason for Modou Lo and Gaye’s defeat to deposed champion Bombardier.

Bombardier clattered Balla Gaye, snatching the crown off is grasp in the process before following that up with an impressive win over Modou Lo in 2015.

Those victories came much as a shock giving many had writen off Mbour-based Bombardier as a mistake-prone wrestler.

However, Sene offered to explain those B-52 triumphant moments saying, Bombardier is the hallmark of power.

‘When we clashed (with Bombardier), I knew exactly why Balla Gaye and Modou Lo got humbled. The reason is Bombardier is hallmark of power. Many wrestlers never wanted to fight him but I took him. I sustained two severe knocks from him. He wanted victory but it didn’t work out for him. He is a fearless person. I wish him victory in his future bouts,’ he said after the duel.

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