Foroyaa has been reliably informed that major demolition exercises have been scheduled to take place in Jambur and Jalangbang as from 25th June 2018. The notices received by the potential victims have compelled them to stop going to work and are just waiting for the exercise to take place.

Gambia is a heavily indebted poor country and the greatest achievement of those who live on their sweat is to be able to build a house to accommodate their families. Nothing is more disheartening than to receive a letter asking one to vacate one’s property with the explanation that it is due for demolition.

Land dispute is a common occurrence because of the multiple sale of land which occurred during the period when many people chose to invest in land in the KMC and West Coast Region. It is the duty of the new government to set up a Land Commission to look into the problem of land dispute rather ordering the Physical Planning Office to carry out demolition.

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